The project coordinator and main researcher is dr. Marianna Bolognesi.

Her CV can be downloaded here: CV Bolognesi OCTOBER 2018



The scientist in charge, prof. dr. Gerard Steen is also director of the Metaphor Lab, Amsterdam, which hosts collaborations with both, VU University and UvA University, as well as with the Network Institute.



Embedded in the Metaphor Lab, Amsterdam, the development of CogViM benefits from the access and collaboration with all the above mentioned facilities.

Moreover, CogViM benefits also from the advices of five world leading scholars, experts in different fields of research:

  • Dr. Charles Forceville  (UvA University), world class specialist in visual communication and visual rhetoric.
  • Prof. Piek Vossen (VU-University), recently awarded with the prestigious Spinoza Prize, specialist of computational lexicons and modeling of semantic similarity using lexical resources, and Founder and President of the Global WordNet Association.
  • Prof. Alessandro Lenci (Università di Pisa, Italy), specialist of computational modeling of concepts and meanings, based on the distributional hypothesis. He co-created the Distributional Memory framework, which I used already in my PhD dissertation, supervised by him.
  • Prof. Ken McRae (University-of-Western-Ontario, Canada), specialist of word meaning, concepts categorization, and neural network modeling. He coordinated the creation of the Norms database.
  • Dr. Diane Pecher (Erasmus-University Rotterdam), specialist of psychological processing of metaphors and abstract concepts.


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