The COGVIM data of WP1 (semantic features elicited from informants) and WP2 (Flickr tags extracted with FDT) has been classified into feature types, using a specific coding scheme, which is based on an adapted version of Wu and Barsalou (2009) knowledge-based taxonomy.  We are extremely thankful to professor Barsalou for sharing his original materials.

For the adapted taxonomy, based on Wu and Barsalou (2009), click  here.

In addition to that, a decisional flowchart was developed by Bolognesi, Pilgram, and Van den Heerik as a tool for the annotators, to support the coding tasks.  The flowchart can be found here.

The repositories of annotated semantic features (WP1), Flickr tags (WP2) and linguistic contexts (WP3) collected or retrieved in relation to the analyzed concepts are released after the publication of the articles in which the datasets are analysed., on GitHub