Although COGVIM officially ended on February 1st 2017, several outreach activities and academic activities are planned for the successful dissemination of the COGVIM results.

10th February 2017: Invited talk at Lablita Lab, University of Florence, Italy. Title: “Linguistic Metaphors and Visual Metaphors: a distributional approach” 

21st March 2017: Invited talk at Philosophy and Communication Department, University of Bologna, Italy.

29th March 2017: Invited talk at the International multidisciplinary Workshop “High-Concept Low Downs”, hosted by prof. Tony Veale, world class expert in computational creativity and PI at the Creative Language System Group, University College of Dublin, Ireland.

4th May 2017: Invited talk at CoLing Lab, University of Pisa, Italy.

16th May 2017: Invited talk at Institute for Natural Language Processing, University of Stuttgart, Germany.

16th June 2017: Invited workshop at University of Birmingham, in collaboration with Marie Curie awarded EMMA project (Exploring Multimodal Metaphor in Advertising).

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