Results of Work Package 1.

Bolognesi, M. (2017). Using semantic feature norms to investigate how the visual and verbal modes afford metaphor construction and expression. Language and Cognition, 9, 3, 525-552. Cambridge journals. 


Results of Work Package 2.

Bolognesi. M. (2016). Modeling Semantic Similarity between Metaphor Terms of Visual vs. Linguistic Metaphors through Flickr Tag Distributions. Frontiers in Communication, Language Sciences, 9, 1-13.


Results of Work Package 3.

Bolognesi, M., Aina, L. (forth.). Similarity is Closeness: Using
Distributional Semantic Spaces to model Similarity in Visual and Linguistic Metaphors. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory.


Methodological Study.

Bolognesi M., Pilgram R., Van den Heerik R. (2016). Reliability in semantic categorization: the case of semantic features norms. Behavior Research Methods, 49, 6, 1984-2001.


Additional Publications.

Bolognesi M. (2017). Conceptual metaphors and metaphorical expressions in images. In A. Baicchi, E. Pinelli (eds.) Cognitive modelling in language and discourse across cultures (pp.367-383), Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Bolognesi, M. (2019). How do words vs. images construct and represent metaphor. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol. 2347/1. Proceedings of Tricolore conference 2018: Creativity, Cognition, Computation, Bolzano, Italy.

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